Gongchangling Skiing Field

This ski resort covers 100 hectares making it one of the largest in the region. There are several slops for children, beginners and advanced skiers and tuition is available. A 500 seat restaurant can provide refreshments. Ski, snowboard, clothing and equipment can be hired at the location or you can bring your own. The site is 30km from Liaoyang City, 34km from Benxi City and 35km from Anshan City making it a very central location.

There are two lifts operating on the hill. The first is a tow lift for the beginners area at the bottom of the hill. The second is a chair lift that runs up to the top of the hill for advanced users. An additional fee is charged for using the chairlift on top of the normal ticket price.

Map showing location of Gongchangling Skiing Field

Above: Location of Gongchangling Skiing Field in Liaoyang, Liaoning, China