Geshikao National Forest Park

Grignard Castanopsis forest park in the southwest of Sanming City Xin mouth floor source small Hu Village. Grignard Castanopsis forest mu, so concentrated into a piece of Grignard Castanopsis forest for domestic rare, is one of the world's largest Grignard Natural Forest Area. 100 years ago, Britain has named grid forestry experts in Sanming found this piece of the Castanopsis woods, the author introduced after returning to specifically so named Grignard Castanopsis. Grignard the Castanopsis Department rare trees, also known as Castanopsis kawakamii, commonly known as "Hongke". Evergreen trees and dense canopy, yellow flowers; solid material, fine-grained, corrosion resistance, good material for shipbuilding and high-end furniture; bark system tannin extract; fruit contains starch, sweet and edible, "a small chestnut said. Castanopsis kawakamii while precious few good material, the body is a treasure "known inside and outside Fujian.

Map showing location of Geshikao National Forest Park

Above: Location of Geshikao National Forest Park in Sanming, Fujian , China