Feilaixia Scenic Area

Feilaixia Scenic Area has a long history the scenery reputation southern and monuments all over the Xiashan, "said. Flying Gap, also known as Yu Gap, places Gap, Qingyuan Gap, the in Beijiang middle and lower reaches, nine kilometers in length; is the the Beijiang Three Gorges, the most advantageous place. The scenic area by the Guangdong Beijiang the Three Gorges scenic flying temple area, a three Xia hole scenic view, the Zizhu bell scenic Lo Star Tsui scenic scenic composition. Here Xiajiang twists and turns, amethyst crystal, the two sides each of the 36 peaks, Jiajiang relatively undulating. Gap in monuments flying Temple, Feixia holes, possession of Xia-dong, Jin-xia Temple. If river rafting, browse the "golden Tan, white Tan Zhong Tan" Ningbi Bay, "Han Yu Bozhou Department" Dongpo fishing Angeles "and" water went to the sea the two mountains high into the cloud "the good times.

Map showing location of Feilaixia Scenic Area

Above: Location of Feilaixia Scenic Area in Qingyuan, Guangdong , China