Dongjing Mausoleum

Dongjing Ling - Liaoyang city, Liaoning, China

Dongjing Ling - Liaoyang city, Liaoning, China by Derek Harkness. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

Built by the first Manchurian Emperor, Nurhachu. Four members of the family are buried here in three tomb complexes. The tombs display the traditional Manchurian culture. A high wall surrounds each site with a single gate at one end. Inside the gate of the larger tomb, a path leads to a small building, within which stands a steele engraved with epitaph describing the persons life in some length. The steele is mounted on top of a large tortoise. In the other tombs, the steele stand exposed without the covering building. Beyond the steele is an inner gateway which takes you through to the tomb mound it's self. Each tomb is round, made of stone or brickwork and has a domed top.

Technically this site is not open to the general public as a tourist attraction. The doors are normally kept closed and locked. Only with special permission can you get to look inside. To the right of the main tomb entrance, a small farm house is owned by the tomb's keeper. If you acquaint yourself appropriately with her, you may be grated access.

Map showing location of Dongjing Mausoleum

Above: Location of Dongjing Mausoleum in Liaoyang, Liaoning, China