Dongjing City Walls

Dongjing Old City Walls in Liaoyang city, Liaoning, China.

Dongjing Old City Walls in Liaoyang city, Liaoning, China. by Derek Harkness. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

Liaoyang became the capital city of the Manchurian Late Jin Empire in 1621. The emperor Nurhachi built his imperial palace here and called the city Dongjing or "East Capital." The city was 896 metres east to west and 886 meters north to south, covering and area of 0.75 square kilometres. A few walls and gates remain of the old palace and provide an insite into Manchurian architecture.

The museum and remains of the city are difficult to spot from the main road. Many city locals don't even know the location. If coming from Liaoyang on Zhonghua Street, it is on your left hand side, behind the houses, just under 2km from the bridge over the Taizi river.

The museum does not get many visitors and so the keeper might be a bit surprised to see you. After paying the 10 RMB entry free, he will lead you through to a room below the main gate and turn on the lights for you. This room contains a pictorial display telling the history of Dongling - old Liaoyang city. This was briefly the capital city of Manchuria's Later Jin dynasty, before the Manchu captured the whole of China proper.

The upper levels of the wall and gate can also be accessed. A steep stone ramp, at the rear of the gate, leads up to the roof. On top of the wall is a wooden tower, within which is a ladder that takes you up to the top story of the gate. From here you can get views over all of the surrounding villages and countryside.

Although the museum is small, and all the displays are in Chinese only, it is well kept and historically interesting. Certainly worth the 10 RMB entry fee.

Map showing location of Dongjing City Walls

Above: Location of Dongjing City Walls in Liaoyang, Liaoning, China