Daxin Waterfalls

Dah Sing is located in the southwestern Guangxi Daxin County, magnificent mountains and beautiful scenery, rich tourist resources, known as "Little Guilin" virtuous days of the major tourist attractions waterfalls, that shore reservoirs, the Mingshi rural, underwater cave, Heishuidrifting sand Tuen multi-level waterfalls and ex City of animal and plant natural reserves, which the Mingshi scenery, shore Pearl, Tak Tin Waterfall has been classified as scenic tourist spots in Guangxi, southern border style tours. The famous Tak Tin Waterfall state super waterfall, 68 km from the county, you can ride directly. The waterfall is located in cross-border river, the board about waterfall with Vietnam as a single entity, called the second transnational waterfall in the world.

Counties formed before this county Luo Yue, Qin is like the county, the Han are Yulin County Pro dust County and Eastern Jin, Song, Qi, Liang and Chen L. Jin Xing County, Sui is Yulin County, Don L. Yong tube, founded five Jimi state (west of the original wave state, Wan Cheng, Yang Lee, thinking the city), Song after the addition of Taiping, full-Ming, Ming Ying Tri-State, county stereotypes eight soil state. The late Qing Dynasty Chieftain end of stream after the first year (1912), change the state of soil, raising interest raise the Lee County, to change the thinking state of city soil Chongshan County Civic City County, Republic of China for seven years (1918) Civic City Branch County into the Yang Lee County, seventeen years (1928) Lei, Anping, Pacific merger set to Ray County, 1929 (1929) set the Order of the county, the dragon state area. Yang Lee, Wan Cheng, Ray draws and three counties in December 1949 after another liberation. March 1951 the three counties combined into Daxin County, the dragon state area, is a Yongning area in 1952, is a western Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture, in 1956, 1958 and Tiandeng merged into the new English county the following year to restore the two counties the original system is the Nanning area, change is in Nanning in 1970. In 2000, Daxin County jurisdiction 5 towns, 11 townships: peach town, the whole tea town master Longzhen Xialei town Lei Pingjhen, the gantry Township, five Township flourishing Township Fraser Township, Ling urban and rural areas, uh, rugby Weixiang revitalize the Township Po Weixiang worthy Weixiang, soil Tahu. 314,323 people according to the fifth census data: the total population of the county, the township population (persons): Peach town 60 953 full-Ming Town, 23548 Ray Pingchen 35193 Master Longzhen 10625 Ray, 13587 Five Township 17792 gantry Township 15765 flourishing Township 15356 the revitalization Fulong Township that Ling 13043 13328 En urban and rural areas 13296 Lam Weixiang 27531 Township 12758 the treasure Weixiang 15927 15541 soil Tahu worthy Weixiang 10080 August 6, 2003 Chongzuo City, set up, to the jurisdiction of Chongzuo. County jurisdiction over the five towns, 11 townships and 145 administrative villages.

County lying north to south is slightly lower, the southern edge is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Rock Hill the mud Ridge intermingled throughout the formation of many small basin. The subtropical monsoon climate is warm and rainy, winter and slightly cold, summers are hot, autumn is cool, seasonal temperature change is not obvious. The annual average temperature of 21.3 ° C, extreme maximum temperature of 39.8 ℃, minimum temperature of -2.2 ℃. The average annual rainfall of 1326 mm, the rainfall concentrated in summer and autumn, winter and less.

Map showing location of Daxin Waterfalls

Above: Location of Daxin Waterfalls in Chongzuo, Guangxi , China