Daci Rock Scenic Area

Daci Rock, located 24 km south of Jiande City. The tourist destination is the perfect combination of a Buddhist culture and beautiful landscapes, known as the reputation of western Zhejiang Jiuhua ", Jiangnan Monastery of the long valley streams, the first natural standing Buddha" world famous. High cliff caves building is a major feature of the Daci Rock. The main hall of the temple of Ksitigarbha hall mountains, it is half embedded in rock abdominal half rack Ling vacant, quite odd dangerous spectacular, with Shanxi Hengshan Monastery of the same purpose. Qingfeng Ge volley architecture of the new temple of another in the cliffs above, hyperopia Lingyun want to fly potential, while overlooking the Golden Temple, far and near panoramic view of mountains and rivers, is floating to the extreme. Today by the chisel of cloud crossing the stack "because of the potential layout, lean on a railing along the cliff overlooking a sense of" fear of foot cliff collapse ". Daci Rock peak is a Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva statue from the side. By stones, strange holes, vegetation harmoniously combined into the Big Buddha on facial features, and vivid, the image is very realistic. Was named the nation's largest natural standing Buddha, known as the "China is a must. Daci Rock mountain is a Buddha, the Buddha is a rare natural landscape of a mountain "Fame, enshrined in most.

Map showing location of Daci Rock Scenic Area

Above: Location of Daci Rock Scenic Area in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China