Confucian Temple Wuwei

Wuwei Confucian Temple

Wuwei Confucian Temple by william79chang. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

Wuwei Temple of Literature is located in the the Liangzhou city southeast corner, ride north to south, consists of three parts, East Wenchang official, in the Confucian Temple, the Spanish the Liangzhou government Confucian College. The area of ​​the flat rectangular, 198 meters long from north to south, 152 meters wide from east to west, covers an area of ​​30,096 square meters. Symmetry of the whole building layout, structured, is a set of shape majestic palace buildings, scale, magnificent momentum, Ming and Qing Dynasties is a transcript of "the Longyou school Palace crown, is the the Liangzhou literati worship of Confucius Holy Land, Northwest building the largest and best preserved of the Confucius Temple, is one of the three Confucius Temple.Confucian Temple has the original main entrance, south side open, but the southernmost tip of a wall that climbed the palace wall, "a solemn sound screen wall separated for hundreds of years Liangzhou has not been a champion, so open the main entrance of the things it set aside so far . Screen wall on each side of opening the little door, the east, called "the way of righteousness", west of the said at the door. By the way of righteousness, "to enter the Temple Institute, the screen wall north of the half-moon shape of the mixed pool. The pool was added to our catalog on a stone arch bridge, a champion bridge. Ling Xing Gate, Ming Zhengtong when building a wooden brand bridge, three four-poster, Alice canopies fly corner. Through the lattice star door, you can see the The halberd door Ji doors on both sides of the notables, Ming Huan Temple, a place to support the local leaders of the honest and upright official memorial tablets. The halberd door is a door near Daeseongjeon Dacheng Hall was built on the broad stone pedestal, majestic and Zhuang Yan, retain the architectural style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the very Holy of Holies supreme style. Dacheng Hall is the main hall of the Confucian Temple, three and three wide and three deep, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding nine ridges overhead, owl kiss Chi beast and taste, ridges begin with the Lotus Scroll brick building. The main ridge located bridge-shaped beads.

Xuzhou has a long history, rich cultural heritage, ancient Confucianism radiation spread to. The overall culture of China from the era of cultural axis by the Yellow River Basin spread to the Yangtze River basin, Xuzhou, north and south lapel, but in the heart of the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, the northern boundary of Lu Zou, and more of the Yellow River culture. Spring and Autumn Period, Qilu culture is an important part of Xuzhou mainstream culture, but also spread by Xuzhou south, while the sprinkler is an important context for its spread. Swim from Shandong sprinkler County accompany Oyama, Weishan, the Diaoyu Islands, the ancient Pei, leaving the city over the Xuzhou fold flows southeast through Luliang, under it, or Yi Mu dihydrate Ruhuai river. The Yellow River culture with swim people Xuzhou, juice, while the south. Zhuangzi, Confucius the the Xuzhou Luliang Guanchao students; Laozi and Confucius, Mencius, Teng Wengong the contained Mencius Songyi Pengcheng see Teng, first proposed the "goodness of; several times inside the in Pengcheng Northwest eighty," Pei Ze "exchange of academic ideas. Thus, although the Xuzhou formation Chufeng Han Yun-based historical and cultural characteristics, but the Confucian culture as the main feature of Qilu culture is one of the important origins for the formation of the Chu and Han culture as an important material of the spirit of Confucian Confucianism carrier Xuzhou Confucian Temple, was built in the Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty destroyed Ming and Qing dynasties repeatedly destroyed by the Yellow River flooding and rebuild. Complete pattern of the original Temple of Literature, built in accordance with the requirements of the court on the local Confucian temple, the site address and restore spring school-like, as Jiugong Yan luxury "buildings in three columns of five into the courtyard throughout the northern and southern axis , covering about 20 000 from south to north for the screen wall, the right to Star Gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, Minglun respect by the Court, the culmination of in front of the ocean pool, about side hall, southeast corner of for Kuixing floor This group of buildings has been preserved to the Cultural Revolution, the only Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, located in Xuzhou city, Heqing Road Middle School Park.

Map showing location of Confucian Temple Wuwei

Above: Location of Confucian Temple Wuwei in Wuwei, Gansu, China