China Bamboo Expo Garden

Read the bamboo culture, enjoying bamboo crafts, taste one hundred bamboo feast.

The Anji bamboo Exposition, formerly known as Anji Bamboo Garden, located in the famous Chinese Township - Anji County, it is the Township travel classic, ace attractions, is a bamboo culture, bamboo craft in one of the Chinese bamboo museum and Asia's largest Anji Bamboo Garden the perfect combination. 

Angelina is the first Township in China, Ji Zhubo Park Township travel classic, ace attractions. To the Garden of Bamboo Tour at a glance the world Qi Huang different Yun, insight into the golden bamboo processing and utilization history. Breeze swaying, the bamboo dancing, the park covers an area of ​​1200 acres, planted 389 species of various types of bamboo. Outside the meantime, like walking into a sea of ​​bamboo, some of them stalwart volley, some low crawl; or as thin as knitting, and some leaves, such as silk; some colorful, some weird distortions.

Bamboo species viewing area, in addition to the gathered Angelina native bamboo species, the remaining 45 species from the introduction of the country's 17 provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Beijing and other transplant, and Thailand, the United States, Japan and other countries to exchange some bamboo species, become the world's largest and most complete varieties of bamboo Kingdom, known as "bamboo Grand View Garden. Each bamboo species has its own piece of garden patches of bamboo come together to form a large bamboo forest, we wander, as if into the sea of ​​bamboo, the bamboo world!

  Winter view of bamboo, considerable bamboo form, the concept of culm colors and shapes, concept of bamboo leaf-shaped, spring and summer, watch the bamboo shoots, is even more interest. Not to mention the bamboo shell was golden bamboo, black and green black bud shoots, purple, blue four seasons of bamboo, flower angle bamboo not shaped like a tassel spear Qiangdao bamboo, sweet sweet bamboo shoots, bitter bamboo, single said that the feeding of chicken, bamboo and yellow sweet bamboo, people look for a half day.

  Bamboo Bo park also offers a variety of activities and programs. Such as birds arts performances, horse racing, racing, camping, barbecue, fishing, wearing a bamboo maze, breaking plum Bagua Zhen, listening to the bamboo music and enjoy the bamboo dance, or boating on the lake, or forest, tea ... charm endless!

Angelina to build the county in the East Han Lingdi, Zhongping years (185 AD), has been 1800 years of history, Emperor Ling of Han given names "Angelina" from the "Book of No Clothes Chapter" in the verse "Do you not said no clothes ? seven Come not as good as the clothes of the child, Ann and Kat Come. "

Angelina has a long history and heritage. Territory An ancient city ruins of the town, as the the Gunji Zhang county seat of Qin and Han Dynasties, ancient city wall preserved. The ancient city walls with soil Ben Zhu, now surrounded by walls, walls to retain still good. Slightly square in the city, from east to west 600 meters, 550 meters wide from north to south, covering about 0.33 square km. Qin and Han dynasties, this is one of the political, economic and cultural center of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the band has been to explore the Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Western Jin Dynasty, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties a certain number of historical, science , the artistic value of the precious relics.

Angelina temple Lingfeng Temple Liang Dynasty Jiansi beginning, has always been a gathering place for men of letters. The Yuan Dynasty, the famous writer, calligrapher Earlier Ming Dynasty once lived in this. One of the four monks in the Ming Dynasty, Lingfeng Temple presided Ouyidashi is also well-known calligrapher and Buddhist classics "the Lingfeng were on the" left Lingfeng Temple, and passed away in the monastery.

Map showing location of China Bamboo Expo Garden

Above: Location of China Bamboo Expo Garden in Huzhou, Zhejiang, China