If coming into Tibet from Sichuan, one of the frist towns you reach is Chayu. This area is home to the Deng people. They have no literature in their culture but instead use knotts and wood carvings to keep records. The Deng men wear sleeveless shirts that come down to their thighs and the women wear short sleeved blouses and car large bags. Most Deng people make their living through agriculture. Chayu enjoys a pleasant climate being both wet and warm. The locals grow a variety of crops including corn, rice, wheat, peanut, barley and sesame. They also produce fruits such as bananas, oranges, grapes, watermelons, guava, sugar cane. Some rare animals can be found here including some tigers and leopards.

Map showing location of Chayu

Above: Location of Chayu in Nyingchi, Tibet, China