Changyu Cave Scenic Area

Changyu Cave Scenic Area is located in Wenling City Xinhe Town, the territory consists of Eight Immortals Rock, two-door cave, Sung Temple and Wild four scenic spots, in which the Eight Immortals Rock, two-door cave cave swarm landscape based. Artisanal mining, stone after stone culture since the Department of Northern and Southern landscape. By the mountain pine and cypresses lined, shaped like a long-shaped island in the vast blue water, so the fine-sounding "Long Island". Long stone cave, with its age-old exploitation of its kind in the world in the scenic tourist area, specification ambitious, rich connotations and unique, known as "the first Chinese-hole". Be named by the provincial government in 1993 as a provincial-level scenic spots, won the 1998 World Guinness in 2003, was named the national AAAA tourist area.

From the stone cave area of ​​approximately 298,000 square meters, there are 28 cave group, 1314 Cave Cave, is 1500 years of exploitation of slate stone ax a Zaozao into. Masonry were along the natural lines of the lithology and stone mining and now left rock cavern shape is very natural, "although the man chisel like heaven. On behalf of the attractions as the Peak cavern and watch the eve of holes. Cave group is generally more than 40 meters wide and 30 meters to 50 meters range, different patterns, some, such as the huge screen in the ancient military account; some cave self Peak down, in-depth mountain cave in the tunnel opening out of the mountains; there cavern shaped like Lotus, crab, the ancient bell. Cave of up to 177 meters, two meters higher than listed as a world natural and cultural heritage of Hunan Zhangjiajie, Huanglong Cave of the highest cave hall.

Cave of the combination of diversity, a solitary cave, double cave, the cave is connected, deep and unpredictable. Some cave wall cracks seepage color weaving, the formation of a wide range of natural murals, cave and some water into the lake or the formation of the ripples of the river, clear water in the cave, do not have some fun. Cavern group also has many natural rock sculpture in the cave within a variety of figures, plants, animals and goods statues, such as the concept eve cave stone bowl, 2.6 m in diameter, can be installed two tons of water, has been approved the inclusion of the Guinness Book of World records. In March 2002, the domestic well-known musicians through site visits and found that called the world is a must domestic first natural "cave concert hall", and successfully held the first cave concert.

Map showing location of Changyu Cave Scenic Area

Above: Location of Changyu Cave Scenic Area in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China