Benxi Water Cave National Park

Benxi Water Caves

Benxi Water Caves by Paul Hickman. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

Benxi Water Cave is Asia's largest water filled cave system. The total system is 5.8km long though only 2.8km is open to the public. This is a National Park of Chnia and part of Benxi National Geopark. The water caves are now part of a major local tourism site. Visitors can take cruise through the cave system. This trip lasts about 30 minutes and runs deep into the cave system. Warm coats are provided to visitors at the cave entrance as the temperature is a constant 12°C all year round, making it chilly in summer dress.

Also included in the price of the ticket is the Geological Museum. This is located up the hill from the car park. This high quality museum describes many geological processes and has an impressive display of dinosaurs and crystals/minerals that can be found in Liaoning.

Above the cave system is Yujing Mountain Ecological Park. This is also included in the ticket price and makes for a pleasant walk. Here you can see the native plants and fauna of the area.

The final area of the park is the Kingdom of Silicified Wood. This is located down near the river side. Here a lake contains many water games for children to play. The lake itself is about 1m deep. There appeared to be no life guard on duty when I visited so parents should not leave kids unattended when playing here.

Electric buses run between all the areas of the park and are free. However, the area around the caves is pleasant for walking should you choose to do so.

Map showing location of Benxi Water Cave National Park

Above: Location of Benxi Water Cave National Park in Benxi, Liaoning, China