Beiling Park

North Tomb in Shenyang, PRC 中國東北沈陽北陵

North Tomb in Shenyang, PRC 中國東北沈陽北陵 by Prince Roy. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Beiling Park is the area that surrounds Zhaoling Tomb. The park was originally part of the tomb area. Access to this area was restricted to the emperor and family. Ordinary people could not go in. With the advent of the new People's Republic of China, the park was opened up to the public. It consists of large areas of grass, forest and lakes. The area is quite extensive. Most of the interesting features are between the gate and the Zhaoling tomb in the centre of the park. To the rear of the tomb site, forests stretch on almost endlessly and some what monotonously due to the mono culture planting scheme. The lakes in the park have some boating activities and other game areas

Map showing location of Beiling Park

Above: Location of Beiling Park in Shenyang, Liaoning, China