Baida White Pagoda Park

Baita - White Pagoda - Liaoyang

Baita - White Pagoda - Liaoyang by Derek Harkness. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

This is the tallest, at 70.4 metres, ancient pagoda in the Northeast of China. It dates to 1189 in the Liao Dynasty with additions during Yuan and Ming, making this one of the 6 oldest pagoda towers in China. The park was constructed around the pagoda in 1908. This pagoda tower was, on January 13, 1988, approved by the State Council, as a national-level heritage conservation unit.

Baita park, which surrounds the pagoda, is a pleasant city park. Entrance is free and its location just 500 metres from the train station makes it a convenient place for a walk. The pagoda stands roughly in the centre of the park. It is surrounded by four turtle statues. The pagoda itself is made of solid brick and so cannot be climbed. It has eight sides, with a statue of the Buddha on each. Towards the back of the park is the Thousand Buddha Temple. This temple is free to enter and contains many statues of Bodhisattvas as well as a thousand small statues of Buddha. Beside the park is the Guangyou temple though this requires an entrance ticket.

Map showing location of Baida White Pagoda Park

Above: Location of Baida White Pagoda Park in Liaoyang, Liaoning, China