Asihatu Stone Forest UNESCO World Geopark

In Aug 2011 we visited Inner Mongolia in China. We took a roadtrip from Chifeng into the grasslands and stayed in a Mongolian yurt (tent) near this UNESCO geopark, which is part of Hexiqten banner. In the morning after breakfast we entered the park (there is an entrance charge) and walked around this amazing landscape of prehistoric rocks, shaped and formed in thousands of years. There were a few Chinese tour groups as well, but it was easy to escape the loudhailers as they moved about pretty fast as they had only half an hour or so and then they had to move on to the next attraction. We spent about 2 hours walking around and took a shuttle bus to the other sites. There were a total of 4 scenic areas, but only 3 were open to the public when we were there. Another shuttle bus brought us back to the entrance where we found our driver.
Map showing location of Asihatu Stone Forest UNESCO World Geopark

Above: Location of Asihatu Stone Forest UNESCO World Geopark in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia , China