Anxi Qingshuiyan

Qingshui is located northwest of Anxi County Penglai mountain Temple, its castles towering temples grand, color light beautiful mountain and magical, heritage sites spread all over, looked in the early morning clouds shrouded the, in general, as the Penglai fairyland.

Qingshui was built in North Song Dynasty Yuan harvest for six years (AD 1083), Jiajing 43 years (1564 AD) rebuilt. The Tanzanite unparalleled manner, Penglai peak "of reputation.

The Qingshui formerly known as Zhang Yan, the total area of ​​11.1 square kilometers. Northern Song Yongchun wooded hill Mountain Zen Chen Pu foot in this practice to see the Tanzanite Qinglie, changed its name to construct a temple. 1101 S & P foot of Jackson passed away. Local people carved the Agarwood like worship, No. Shimizu founder ". With the villagers moved to the furnace respect and worship, now that Taiwan has more than 60 of the Shimizu Temple of the Ancestors. Overseas gather, such as Penang, Malaysia, the famous "Snake Temple, dedicated to water founder.

The Qingshui temple mountain building, beneath the deep valleys, for the three-storey pavilion-style. A layer of the Haotian mouth, the second floor of the Patriarch Palace, three Shakya floor. The three layers on each side of the Tan Yue Hall, Guanyin Hall, Yoshina hall. Rear Song Jianqing water founder of the ashes of the "vacuum tower, newly built three double eaves and square pavilions. The red brick walls of temples, grayish-green tile dangerous buildings re-Court, hidden in the pine green bamboo, Yan Lan-shrouded peaks, elegant and spectacular.

Distinctive landscape near Yan Yu: "Lion throat clear bead curtain", "Mirror Kuang," ulterior motives in the north "," Podocarpus "," Chueh Pavilion "," Shi Li cabinet " Rock Figure inscriptions "," three faithful temple ". "Clear bead curtain," a pool of water flow through the ages, and look abroad the Cangshan base ten thousand ";" ulterior motives in north of the ancient camphor tree, according to legend is difficult for a sense of Yue Feimeng while the twigs of the north; rock Figure inscriptions, Department of relief Qingshui Dan Quanjing The monument, Ming Li, is a rare ancient "guide map". Along the foothills up half Lingting care sector Palace and the robe of stone, stone vessels, stone mortar, stone dog ... mix. Temple after the hilltops of four stalagmites, very steep the skewer days, honesty is the spectacle. "

Map showing location of Anxi Qingshuiyan

Above: Location of Anxi Qingshuiyan in Quanzhou, Fujian , China