Animaqin Snow Mountains

Located at the eastern end of the Kunlun Mountain Range, Animaqin Snow Mountains cover an area 28km long and 10km wide. They are the biggest mountains near the source of the Yellow River. Of the 18 peaks found here, all are over 5,000 metres in altitude. The highest, Maqingangri is over 6,100 metres high. Over 50 glaciers carve through the valleys. Wild animals and a great veriety of plants and fungus can be found there including the Caterpillar Fungus and Snow Lotus.

The area is important in Tibetan culture and considered sacred. Worshippers come from as far away as Kotou to sacrifice tot he mountain god there. The area has also become popular with foreign toursts who come for the mountain climbing and hiking.

Map showing location of Animaqin Snow Mountains

Above: Location of Animaqin Snow Mountains in Guoluo, Qinghai, China