Image: Located in the Zhoushan Islands of northeast Zhejiang, Zhoushan is the only prefecture-level city in China established in islands. It is located in the meeting point of the mouths of Yangtze River, Qiantang River and Yong River. The most east point starts from Tong Island ( reef ), facing the Pacific Ocean; the south point starts from west Mopan Mountain of Liuheng, viewing Xiang Mountain of Ningbo; The west point links to Huangpan Mountain of Tanhu, close to the Hangzhou Bay; The north point goes till Huanian Mountain, linking Sheshanyang of Jiangsu. The total area is 22.2 thousand square kilometers, in which land area is 1440.12 square kilometers, formed by 1390 islands, like emerald scattered on the blue East China Sea. The largest island is Zhoushan Island, with 502.65 square kilometers, ranking the 4th in China only after Taiwan, Hainan and Congming. Zhoushan is located in the south wing of north sub-tropical zone with monsoon ocean climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, with annual average temperature of 16 degrees centigrade. Zhoushan Islands has a long history, According to historical records and study of unearthed relics, human being began to live here as early as in the new stone age which dates back 6000 years ago. In the 26th year of Kaiyuan era of Tang Dynasty ( 738 A.D.), a county administration was first established. The Zhoushan special zone was set up in 1953. In 1987, the prefecture administration was replaced by municipality. In 1997, it is with jurisdiction over Dinghai District, Putuo District, Daishan District and Shengsi District, with 26 towns, 27 villages, 4 residential districts, 833 administrative villages and 101 neighborhood committees. The total population is 985.8 thousand. Since the 3rd plenary session of the 11th Party congress, The wind of reform and opening up has been blowing in the Zhoushan Islands, and great changes have taken place within merely 20 years in the islands which used to be closed and backward. A beautiful new city of thousand islands is quietly rising up. by Ming Xia


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Zhoushan is a prefecture level city within Zhejiang province in China.