Image: One that got away, a fine specimen of unusual garnets from China. Not to worry, I did buy the other two pieces, ha ha! I knew the second I saw this that I had to have such unusual pieces, for garnet is usually dark red or red violet and here they are beautiful orange. This piece is about 4 1/2" across. I got two pieces about the same size but narrower, and these were $30 each. My deal was two for $50. One of these days I will start photographing each of my own specimens in my collection and that will be a special joy. I found a Wikipedia article that shows garnet variations, including this one that I think relates to the specimen above, a garnet variation, Spessartine, from Putian City in the Putian Prefecture, Fujian Province of China. I can't image what the image of the specimen below would be worth as a crystal specimen! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Garnet_var._Spessartine,_Putia... Main article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garnet by cobalt123


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Putian is a prefecture level city within Fujian province in China.