Image: Photo taken on August 12, 2009 shows a view of the Hulunbuir Prairie in Hunlunbuir League of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Covering an area of 260,000 square kilometers, the Hulunbuir Prairie is known as one of the three most famous prairies in the world as well as the largest one in China. Over 3,000 rivers and 500 lakes scatter in the area, while the greater Hinggan Mountains passes through. Here live people of more than 10 ethnic nationalities, such as Mongolian, Russian and Ewenki etc., mainly majoring in farming, stock raising, and aquiculture. With its fresh air, unique culture and landscapes, the Hunlunbuir Prairie also wins the fame of "pure land in China". by Ngai Arthur


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Hulunbuir is a prefecture level city within Inner Mongolia province in China.