Image: Chuzhou is a medium-sized city located in eastern China. The moment I stepped out of the train station, I found this city a typical image of what this country is going through. Good infrastructure. The streets are well-paved and widened, with newly-installed lamps on both sides. Many families have two kids--an elder sister and a younger brother. People buy clothes of latest trends, but they match them in a bizarre way. Most of the kids wear jeans, some even look older than their parents in such outfit. The traffic there is fantasy, compared with metropolises like Shanghai. It's easy to travel with cabs, 5 yuan can cover most of the requests and drivers know this city at their fingertips. Basically, that's because there're a lot of "single items" in the city: the only McDonald, the only 24-hour drug store, etc., which don't give the drivers many chances to confuse themselves. The sound of firecrackers are so often heard that one of my friends thinks it a good idea to own a firework store here. Overall, it's a peaceful city, safe at night, dynamic during the day. A passerby once alerted my friend of his wallet dropping out of the pocket. People here seem more easily-satisfied than those in big cities seeking big fortunes. by Jessie Wang


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Chuzhou is a prefecture level city within Anhui province in China.