Image: All cities in China have a big roundabout with a sculpture which is unique to the city. We pulled up to a traffic light at the roundabout in the center of this photo and sat there for a minute before we realized what was wrong. Usually, those roundabouts are teeming with traffic. We looked down the main drag, full of towering buildings, all new and clean, and realized the city was completely devoid of traffic! We drove around the city for quite some time, encountering only a handful of empty taxicabs on the streets. We finally found a little restaurant exhibiting signs of life and sat down for a meal. None of us really spoke much useful Chinese, but through a lot of butchered English, patience, gesturing and whatnot, we pieced together that this was a new city, being built for some industry that had yet to flourish. The city was nearly done, and while only construction workers and a few restaurants lived there, within a handful of months, they expected to have a mass migration of people to fill this new, ready made city. It was mind blowing, The power to just build a city on speculation and move a few million people into it later. I wonder whether the people ever showed up or whether the city remains empty. I more recently learned that this is the city of Baiyin, and the burgeoning industry was that of their silver mine. by Adam Cohn


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Baiyin is a prefecture level city within Gansu province in China.