Image: The chariots of the Shang dynasty excavated in Yinxu have been the earliest example of animal-drawn carts discovered by Chinese archaeology. these six chariot pits of the Shang dynasty and the remains of the road of the Shang dynasty were excavated separately by Anyang working station of the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of social sciences and the historical relics working team of Anyang municipality in the protected area of Yinxu in recent years. the chariot pits were preserved well basically, one chariot one pit, there are two horses in each of the five pits and there is one person buried in each of the four pits. through the appraisement, most of the immolated were adult men and one was a boy. the chariot pits of the Shang dynasty have not only exhibited the level of civilization of the ancient animal-drawn carts but also reflected the cruel institution of immolation in the slave society. Anyang, Henan, China. by wl


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Anyang is a prefecture level city within Henan province in China.